1. I MISS YOU (Music By Linda Andresano & Daniela Somma - Lyrics by Linda Andresano)

2. I HAVE PROMISED (Music By Linda Andresano, Daniela Somma, Federica Ferro - Lyrics by Linda Andresano)

3. SO YOUNG (Music & Lyrics by Linda Andresano)

4. TOO FAR TOO LATE (Music by Daniela Somma & Federica Ferro - Lyrics by Linda Andresano)

5. BACK TO BLACK (Music by Amy Winehouse & Mark Ronson - Lyrics by Amy Winehouse)

Her first EP 'I Miss you’ was published with PLAY&Oracle records ltd in April 2019 and was produced in London and Italy.

‘born as a necessity of rebirthing where my life was saved thanks to music. It's an album of restarting from myself where I tell about personal experiences under different sounds’ she says.

A soul album with blues and funky influences and jazz sounds, 5 tracks with one Amy Winehouse rearranged cover.

Play&Oracle Records LTD




1. MY TIME IS OVER (Music By Linda Andresano  - Lyrics by Linda Andresano)

Her New single “My time is over” boasts the participation of the jazz pianist Massimo Colombo with his piano arrangement together with the already confirmed Trumpeter known in “I miss you” Antonio Baldino. This new tune touches the sound of a cool jazz ballad and has the capacity to move deeper into the feelings of  kindness and elegance. This tune anticipates the upcoming Ep release.

Line Up

Massimo Colombo - Piano

Antonio Baldino - Trumpet

Play&Oracle Records LTD



1. I've Promised (Music By Daniela Somma & Federica Ferrro  and Linda Andresano - Lyrics by Linda Andresano)

An R&B version of the song I've Promised already produced in the first Ep: I miss you.

This tune is followed by a colourful lyrics video animation.  

Line Up

Toto Allozzi- Keyboards

Carmine Landolfi aka B-dog - Drums

Fabrizio Buongiorno -Bass

Federico Luongo- Guitars

Simona Guida- Backing Vocals

Play&Oracle Records LTD