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During the pandemic time happened in Italy in 2020, Linda started a challenge called #shareasong #letsplayfromhome. She contacted many singers and musicians not only in Italy but all over the world and realized many videoclips interpreting with them several tunes.

Thanks to this initiative she cooperated with:

 Tamara Usatova, Heather Christie, Enzo De Rosa, Alfonso Brandi, Ferdinando Ghidelli, Claudiess, Walter Vivarelli, Giovanni Cigliano, Sarah Wolf, Raphael Puri-Jobi and Lukas Märkl, Michele Lella, Giovanni Montesano, Michele Garruti, Vincenzo Faraldo, Augusto Ausanio, LivLion, Andrea Giuntini, Daniele Castellano, Remo Radica, Andrea Russo, Raffaele Natale, Alessandro Crescenzo, Craig Hendry and others

#Challenge #shareasong #Letsplayfromhome - Chi tene o' mare
#Challenge #shareasong #Letsplayfromhome - I Have Promised
Natural Woman - Linda Andresano & Michele Garruti #challenge #shareasong #letsplayfromhome
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